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1 / Concept of flooring

Flooring is a term to generically describe any finish material applied over a floor structure to provide a walking surface. Over a long process of formation and development, flooring can be made of marble, tile, wood, vinyl, even bamboo.


Today lets not discuss about marble or tile and focus on the other materials.

2 / Structure, classification and advantages and disadvantages of each type of flooring

2.1 Laminate flooring

2.1.1 Concept of laminate flooring

Laminate flooring is the most popular type of flooring today. Laminate flooring main components are HDF, adhesive and some other additives.

2.1.2 Structure of laminate flooring

Laminate floors usually consist of 4 layers: Aluminum oxide layer, decorative paper layer, HDF laminate layer and bottom layer, in which:

The surface layer is aluminum oxide, which works to protect the board, increase the surface abrasion and protect the decorative paper below.

Decorative paper is usually made from texture paper, dipped melamine adhesive, pressed under high pressure and temperature to inert melamine adhesive, forming a hard plastic layer to protect decorative paper layer and connect with the HDF.
HDF is made from wood fiber extracted from chips and pulped wood waste.


it usually has a density from 800 – 1040 kg / m3 so the structure is very solid, high durability, withstand the impact of external forces. especially for application of flooring, it withstands external forces produce by indoor using.

The bottom is usually made of synthetic polymer or melamine paper to protect the underside of the plank

2.1.3  Advantages and disadvantages of laminate flooring Advantages of laminate flooring

Laminate flooring has a great advantage of durability, abrasion resistance and high moisture resistance. All these factors extend the life of laminate flooring. laminate floor is reusable. For example, durring the relocation home, you can completely remove it from the old house and re-install into a new house without any wasting.

The price is very reasonable for the majority of consumers.

The laminate flooring is very easy to install and convenient, suitable in all architect taste, from buildings, house, or public works …

Decorative textures vairity from wood grain, imitation leather, stone, cement ….. Currently, the producer uses digital printing technology to print decorative paper, this printing technology will help the wooden floor surface more realistic, simulating all kinds of patterns, from which can be updated to all seasonal architectural trends. Disadvantages of laminate flooring

Through a long process of development and improvement, modern laminate flooring has been overcome with many disadvantages, therefore you only encounter if you buy poor quality laminate flooring.

Poor quality laminate flooring usually has a standard of abrasion resistance and low durability because it comes from a floating manufacturer

Laminate flooring is moisture-proof, but not as good as vinyl flooring.

2.2 Vinyl flooring

2.2.1 Concept and structure of a vinyl flooring

vinyl flooring is the kind of floor made of PVC. PVC is a type of plastic that is quite popular in life.

2.2.3 Advantages and disadvantages of vinyl flooring

Because the main component of the vinyl flooring is PVC, it is 100% water resistant. Suitable for installing in areas frequently exposed to humidity such as kitchens, 1st floor houses, bathrooms …

Vinyl flooring is quite durable, reasonable price, has been choosen by many customers.


Decorative texture of vinyl is same as laminate. However, vinyl flooring has some disadvantages such as: Easily broken due to brittle, after a long time of use, it can be broken or cracked.

Poor vinyl flooring made from poor plastic, affecting user health.

Using vinyl flooring feeling will not warm and compacted as wooden floors.

2.3 Hard wood flooring

2.3.1 Concept and structure of hard wood flooring

Hard wood flooring is the flooring type with more than 90% of components made of natural wood, in peace or assembled, the rest is PU paint to protect the surface.

2.3.2 Pros and cons of natural wood flooring

Hard wood flooring are usually made from perennial and rare trees such as car spokes, incense, oak …

The texture of natural wood flooring is very unique, not duplicated because no type of tree has the same texture.


Using hard wood flooring brings luxury, high-class feeling to area, so it is very popular with high earned people.

However, hard wood has the disadvantage of durability, because there is only one layer of protective paint so it will become the ideal environment for termites and moisture. Besides, it is not cheap and requires technical construction.

2.4 Bamboo flooring

2.4.1 Concept and structure of bamboo flooring

Bamboo flooring is a flooring made of Moonso bamboo, which is shreded into slats then crushed into fibers and used adhesive to squeeze together under pressure, forming bamboo planks.

2.4.2 Advantages and disadvantages of bamboo flooring

Bamboo flooring has better durability than natural wood flooring but not as laminate flooring.


Lack of design is disadvantage of bamboo flooring, no digital technology printing as laminate flooring or wood grain like as wood flooring.

However, the bamboo flooring has good resistance to termites, moisture and mold, because bamboo itself has these features.

3 / How to clean and maintain the flooring

Currently, flooring is optimized for durability and quality by modern technology through a long process of production and development. However, “durable in people”, you should refer to a few of our notes on how to clean and preserve the flooring. So that can maximize the life of these flooring at home.

3.1. How to clean these flooring

Tools can be used to clean the flooring: mops, feather duster, vacuum, cloth wipes, soft brushes.

Detergents can be used to clean the flooring: there are a lot of floor cleaner with a low detergent concentration on the market can be use. Use damn cloth or mop on the floor only

Notes when cleaning flooring:

Instead of using sharp objects to scrape or pry the stains on the floor surface, using a soft brush with detergent or alcohol to brush out the stains.

Do not leave the stain for too long time, clean it as soon as it happen

3.2 How to preserve flooring

Limit floor exposure to heat such as hot objects, direct sunlight …
avoid using heals on the floor, although the flooring is resistant to abrasion, but the external impact from hard objects in the long run will leave a scratch. soft shoes such as rubber sandals, cotton slippers,.. are aceptable

Avoid dragging objects such as table legs, chair legs. Wraping these parts with fabric before you do.

Avoid wearing dirty shoes, soiled with sand on the floor.

4 / Price of flooring today

Currently, the price of flooring is divided into 3 main segments: reasonable, mid-range and high-end, the characteristics of each type are as follows:

4.1 Reasonable flooring

Reasonable flooring is usually manufactured from China and Thailand, with the advantage of utilizing cheap materials and labor. reasonable flooring usually costs only about 100,000 VND / m2.

For reasonable flooring, manufacturers often use less guaranteed raw materials, for example, the main raw material is wood pulp, which can be impurities. Or using poor quality adhensive to reduce costs. When using poor quality adhensive, the board may have high levels of Formaldehyde emissions, affecting directly to consumer’s health.

4.2 Mid-range price floors

Flooring in the mid-range segment is usually from Malaysia, China and Thailand. Mid-range flooring is quite popular with many consumers because it can meet the majority of needs.

For mid-range wooden floors, the price is usually from 200,000 VND / m2 to 400,000 VND / m2. Medium-priced wooden floors have good durability, modern decorative , which can be reuseable.

4.3 High-end flooring

High-end flooring usually comes from Europe, particularly countries such as Switzerland, Sweden, Germany … This segment is preferred by consumers with financial conditions. The average price from 500,000 VND to several million / m2.


Meeting the needs of aesthetics, artistry and durability, high-end flooring always has a certain place in the market.

5 / Where to buy reputable flooring

Currently, the flooring market in Vietnam has many large brands from Germany, Switzerland, Malaysia, China, Thailand … and also manufaturing at their own factory in Vietnam.

Where to buy reputable flooring

Among them is Mavina, brand of Vietnam with a closed system of modern chains imported directly from Homag – Germany leading advanced corporation in the world. Mavina has more than 14 years of experience in the market of laminate flooring with three brands: PAGO, REDSUN, SAVI. For detailed advice on the tetanus, please contact us via hotline 1900.633.488 or email!

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